A Christmas Cantata

"A Christmas Cantata" is a twenty minute work for SATB youth chorus, narrator, and instruments. It was composed by Richard Trythall, who has been the music director for St. Stephen's School, Rome, Italy, since 1966, and who wrote the music in 1974 in celebration of that school's 10th anniversary and in honor of two of its founders: the Rev. John O. Patterson and Donald L. Stewart. Composed using a vernacular musical style, the Cantata is performed with a guitar and piano accompaniment. The narration  is taken from the Christmas story as recounted in the gospel according to St. Luke while the lyrics of the intervening songs were written by Mr. Trythall.  First performed at St. Stephen's School in December of 1974, the Cantata has since been performed in its entirety several times at St. Stephen's (the performance recorded on this CD is from 2001) and one of its songs, Mary's Lullaby, has become somewhat of a fixture on school Christmas programs over the past 40 years.

Credits for this recording (2001):
01. Annunciation
02. Nazareth to Bethlehem
03. Mary's Lullaby
(Olivia Byron, solo)
04. Gabriel's Song
(Aleksi Toro, solo)
05. Gloria
06. Shepherds in the Fields
07. Shepherds' Carol
08. Annunciation (Reprise)
09. Benediction (Reprise)
10. Finale (Reprise)

The Evangelists, in speaking order, are: 2. Nadia Marx, 3. Jessica Zama, 4. Julianne Kline, 5 Alice Foubert-Karl, 6. Ruwan Subasinghe, 7. Rui Gong, 8. Frances-Lee Gabona.
The Student Instrumentalists are: Jiri Slavik, piano, Aleksi Toro, acoustic guitar, James McGuire, electric guitar.

The St. Stephen's School Chorus, 2000-2001:

SOPRANO: Olivia Byron, Vittoria D'Auria, Dilhani DeSilva, Alice Foubert-Karl, Giorgia Franchi, Jessica Zama
ALTO: Marte Briseid, Vittoria Federici, Frances-Lee Gabona, Julianne Kline, Marie Lecomte, Nadia Marx, Sayaka Sato, Emily Short, Leanne Simmons
TENOR: Jiri Slavik, Ruwan Subasinghe, Jamie Thompson, Aleksi Toro
BASS: Emilio Batzella, Luca Derito, Gulema Gerressu, Rui Gong, Jonathan Jacobson, Benoit Lecomte, James McGuire

Conductor: Richard Trythall

Sound Engineer: Piero Schiavoni

A Christmas Cantata Mp3  (Complete)


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