RECITAL is comprised of eight compositions for piano originally conceived from 1979 to 1981 for use in my own concerts as pianist-composer. These works can be performed individually or as a unit. Four of these compositions - Insieme, Arabesque 2, Fantasy and Solo – were recorded in February of 1984 for the LP, Piano Solos. This record was pressed privately by RCA Records in Rome and subsequently released commercially in the United States on the LP disc and cassette, Solo Piano, by Aspen Records in 1986. That recording was remastered and reissued, along with Mirage (a Suite of seven piano works composed during the late 1980’s), on the CD, Out of Bounds, pressed in 2001. Since that original recording in 1984, three of the compositions in Recital have been revised somewhat: Fantasy, Arabesque 2, Parting Thoughts. This accounts for the differences that may be noticed in the previously recorded versions and the version performed in the concert of February 15, 2011, most of which can be found on YouTube. The printed scores, which are available, correspond with that most recent performance. The 2011 concert marked both the first public performances of the revised versions and the first complete performance of Recital as a single unit. While not originally intended as a unit, I was pleased to find that this ordering of the eight works worked quite satisfactorily as a single, unified concert. Below is the program for that event and the link to the YouTube performances: 


 St. Stephen’s Cultural Association

St. Stephen’s School Auditorium, Via Aventina, 3

February 16, 2011, 19:00 

Piano Works composed and performed by Richard Trythall


 Solo (1980)

Fantasy (1981 Rev. 2010)

 Arabesque 2 (1983 Rev. 2010)

 Song for You (1979)

 Insieme (1980)

 Toccata (1980)

 Parting Thoughts (1979 Rev. 2011)*

 Arabesque 1 (1980)


 The program will be performed as a single unit – without interruption. Please save your applause until the conclusion of the concert.


* The printed concert program concluded with Parting Thoughts. Following the applause, Arabesque 1 was then announced and used as the encore.

YouTube performance of RECITALSolo, Fantasy, Arabesque 2,  A Song for You, Insieme (Together), Parting ThoughtsArabesque 1

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