for Piano and Orchestra

               Ballad was written at the request of the Knoxville, Tennessee, World's Fair, 1982. It was a sentimental tribute to my "roots" in the Appalachian Mountain range near Knoxville immersed, as it was, in the memory of rolling thunder, heavy mist and the marvelous, century-old ballads of passion and loneliness still recounted in the area. As a composer, Ballad found me in midstream - attempting to integrate the intimate, "new age" piano solo style which I was developing (in reaction to my earlier avant-garde work) with the symphonic rhetoric and gestures necessary for a concerto - a contradiction in terms, perhaps. Ballad was premiered in the Fair's "Tennessee Ampitheatre" on July 25, 1982, by the Oak Ridge Symphony Orchestra with Robert Lyall conducting and with myself as piano soloist. In the following year the work was considerably re-cast and performed in Rome, Italy, by the Rome Radio Orchestra with Massimo Pradella conducting and, once more, with myself as soloist. The Mp3 was made from this latter performance.


Ballad for Piano and Orchestra Mp3 14.8 (Complete)

YouTube Video: Ballad for Piano and Orchestra

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