Commercial Recordings as Composer-Pianist

Richard Trythall, composer-pianist

Piano Solos

Music by Richard Trythall: Arabesque 2, Insieme, Solo, Fantasy. (Richard Trythall piano). Seven Hill Records (LP)




(no longer in print: see CD "Out of Bounds")


excerpt: Insieme Mp3 (1.3MB)



Solo Piano

Music by Richard Trythall: Arabesque 2, Insieme, Solo, Fantasy. (Richard Trythall, piano). (American pressing of "Piano Solos" ). Aspen Records: APN 30301 (LP and Cassette)

(no longer in print: see CD "Out of Bounds")




 Arabesque 2,    (from "Out of Bounds" album)  Mp36.91MB (Complete)



Out of Bounds

Music by Richard Trythall: Solo Piano: Insieme, Arabesque 2, Fantasy, Solo; MirageVoyage, River, Old Story, Night Rider, Aria, Mirage, Island; Richard Trythall, piano.

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 Voyage from MirageMp3 (2 MB, Performance is complete)



Parts Unknown 

 Music by Richard Trythall: Parts Unknown for piano (Prologue, Soliloquy, Intermezzo, Toccata, Adagio, Allegro, Waltz, Fantasy, Etude, Senza Tempo, Melodramma, Night Rider ), Richard Trythall, piano. Live Recording, December 4, 1999, Pieve a Sietina, Italy, Fondazione Atopos - Sogna: ATOPOS: ATP 001 (CD)

Available from CDBaby   Fondazione Atopos  

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Excerpt from Prologue from Parts Unknown: Mp3  (1MB)


"Trythall, virtuoso pianist, specialist in contemporary piano music and in the music of composers such as Charles Ives and Jelly Roll Morton, presents a work which was composed over the course of several years. His language, characterized by an extremely intense expressivity, fuses aspects of American culture - some of which are connected to Jazz - with elements of heterogeneous character ranging from sounds typical of the timbral research of twentieth century experimental music to backward glances towards melodic schemes rooted in the popular musical tradition. The result of this union is a very personal sound world of extreme fascination." (Presentation by Fondazione Atopos) 

YouTube Video: premiere performance of Parts Unknown (1991)


RECITALSolo, Fantasy, Arabesque 2,  A Song for You, Insieme (Together), Parting Thoughts, Arabesque 1

MIRAGE: YouTube Video: Mirage: "Reflections and Visions" as re-edited and performed in 2012

PARTS UNKNOWN: YouTube Video: premiere performance of Parts Unknown (1991)

MIRAGE FOR TWO: YouTube Video: Mirage for Two with score (2015)


                                          Miscellaneous Commercial Recordings

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