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Richard Trythall, pianist


The Piano Music of Charles Ives

Charles Ives: Second Pianoforte Sonata "Concord, Mass.," 1840-1860. Three Page Sonata. Some South-Paw Pitching (Study No. 21). The Anti-Abolitionist Riots in the 1830s and 1840s (Study No. 9). Varied Air and Variations (Study No. 2 for Ears or Aural and Mental Exercise!!).Richard Trythall, piano. CENTAUR CRC 2285 [DDD]; Produced by Victor E. Sachse. (CD)

Reviews: Fanfare Magazine, American Record Guide


Liner Notes


The complete CD is available directly at: Centaur RecordsAmazon and for download at iTunes


 Hawthorne from the "Concord" Sonata  Mp3 (6.6MB)      

YouTube Video of entire Sonata from an earlier performance

Additional audio examples available at: Amazon  



The Piano Music of Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton

Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton: 1. Finger Buster 2. Freakish 3. New Orleans Joys 4. Shreveport Stomp 5. Spanish Swat 6. Perfect Rag 7. Mamanita 8. Grandpa's Spells 9. Jungle Blues 10. The Crave 11. Frog-I-More Rag 12. Creepy Feeling 13. King Porter Stomp 14. Hyena Stomp 15. State and Madison 16. Original Jelly Roll Blues 17. Pep. Transcriptions by Richard Trythall. Richard Trythall, piano. Produced by Flavio Colusso, Musicaimmagine Records


Reviews: Knoxville News-Sentinel, Black in Radio, Sistema Musica, Customer Reviews from CD Baby (scroll down)

Liner Notes

The complete CD is available from: CD Baby


           King Porter Stomp (Mp3's are complete)       Mp3 (1,3MB)

                                         Jungle Blues         Mp3  (1,7MB)

                                             Grandpa's Spells     Mp3  (1,3MB)

                                             Freakish           Mp3  (1,8MB)

                                               Jelly Roll Blues      Mp3  (1,4MB)

Also available on this site: Finger Buster

Additional audio examples available at CD Baby

YouTube Videos of performances: Jelly Roll Blues, Spanish Swat, New Orleans Joys

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