Review: Jelly Roll Morton, Piano Music "Sistema Musica" Turin, Italy, June 2002

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Trythall, Scintillating Piano
Jelly Roll Morton, Piano Music
Richard Trythall
1 CD, Musicaimmagine

Richard Trythall is a pianist (and composer) who is very curious. For years he has dedicated himself to the study of music by Jelly Roll Morton, the incomparable pianist, the musician who, at the beginning of the 20th century, so clearly delineated the rules of jazz that he could claim to have invented jazz himself. Transcriptions of Morton's pyrotechnic performances existed but were partially incorrect. Trythall has patiently re-transcribed each piece, note by note, rewriting and then recording them. The result is remarkable: it brings alive the unbridled virtuosity of Jelly Roll Morton, the nuances of his performance, the wealth of his expression as performed on a modern, scintillating piano which bursts forth from the recording energetically.

Nicola Campogrande
"Sistema Musica", issue IV n.6/2002
cultural magazine published by the City of Turin, Italy

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