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     With the 80's, Trythall, who had continued his activities as a concert pianist specialized in contemporary music throughout the 70's, embarked on a series of solo recitals featuring his own piano compositions. The music which he composed for these concerts, however, once again departed radically from the style of his earlier music. While retaining many of the formal ideas developed in these works, this music utilized a triadic harmonic vocabulary which, at the time, was labeled variously as "New Romantic," "Folk" or as "New Age" music.

Excerpt: Insieme, for piano, from Recital (1980) Mp3 (1.3MB)  

In 1982, Trythall composed a work for piano and orchestra, Ballad, at the request of the Knoxville World's Fair.

Ballad for piano and Orchestra: Mp3 14.8 (Complete)

     An LP of his "new age" piano work, Piano Solos, was issued in Italy in 1984 and released in the United States and Japan in 1986 by Aspen Records under the title, Solo Piano. These albums are out of print, but the original recordings were transferred to a CD, Out of Bounds, released in 2005.

Arabesque 2 for piano (1983) Mp36.91MB (Complete)      

           A further LP, Mirage, was mastered at the BMG Studios in Rome in 1989, but remained unreleased until 2005 when part of that recording was released on the CD Out of Bounds.

Excerpt: Night Rider for piano*  (1989) Mp3 (900K)   

* Night Rider was incorporated into Parts Unknown in 1991.             

        Parts Unknown, an hour long piano work completed in 1991, concluded a decade of compositions for solo piano. This was released in 2004 by the Fondazione ATOPOS.

Excerpt: “Prologue”, Parts Unknown (1991) Mp3 (1MB)


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