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     During the 1970's, Trythall abandoned the highly chromatic, "avant-garde" style of his works from the '60's in favor of a series of experimental, "musique concrète" works for stereo tape and/or for stereo tape and acoustic instruments. Verse - an hour long multimedia performance created around a film, "Doors", by visual artist, Milton Cohen - was completed in 1972.

Excerpt: Verse, an event for slides, film and tape, 1972, Mp3 (1 MB)

     A series of works using acoustic instruments and tape - all of which used "found" musical objects as a source for electronic re-elaboration - followed. The first of these was written for harpsichordist Mariolina De Robertis.  Suite for harpsichord and tape, on music by Domenico Scarlatti, was composed in1973. This work was remastered in 2007 and retitled Suite: "Quattro Esercizi di Fantasia" for Amplified Harpsichord and Pre-recorded Sounds. 

 Suite, Quattro Esercizi di Fantasia,  Mp3  (16MB, Complete)

     His 1975 composition for stereo tape, Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis, based upon Jerry Lee Lewis's performance of "Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On", proved to be a forerunner of the ideas of "plunderphonics" and of "remixing" which subsequently became popular in the 90's.

 Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis, for tape, 1975,  Mp3  (6.17MB, Complete)        


     Adapting the idea of elaborating "found" musical objects within a purely instrumental context, Trythall completed his Bolero for four percussionists in 1979. One of his most frequently performed works internationally, Bolero was recorded by the Percussion Art Quartett (Germany) for Thorofon and has also been performed as a ballet in Sao Paulo, Washington, Cape Town and Venice.

Bolero for four percussionists, 1979. Mp3 (complete ) (Gruppo Percussione Ricerca di Venezia.)


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