Salute to the '50's



for percussionist and tape


          Salute to the '50's, for percussionist and tape, was completed in 1976. Slightly theatrical, the basic concept of the piece can be summarized as follows: "Music in the 1950's: the emerging avant-garde style on one side, Rock 'n' Roll on the other - two extremes, two very different points of view - where might the extremes meet?" Written as an homage to that "wild and woolly" period, Salute to the 50's attempts to reconcile these two musical worlds by pitting a solo percussionists (initially committed to the "contemporary music" style) against the exhortations of an invasive and insistent tape score assembled from fragments of a performance of "Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On" by Rock 'n' Roll king, Jerry Lee Lewis. The "musique concrète" tape which accompanies the soloist uses the same material which formed the basis for a tape piece completed in the preceding year, Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis. The score bears a special note of thanks to percussionists Jan Williams and Garry Kvistad for their help and suggestions.

Richard Trythall

  Salute to the '50's as performed by Jan Williams, You Tube Video


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