for four percussionists

      Bolero, for four percussionists, was completed in 1979. It is based on the rhythm and structure of the traditional bolero dance. In composing this as a concert work, I imagined the four percussionists as four dancers, intertwining their solos, duets and trios with moments of group ensemble work in much the same way a choreographer might have done. As it so happens, in addition to numerous performances as a concert work by percussion ensembles in the United States and abroad (see Reviews and Context), Bolero has also been performed as a ballet by dance companies in Brazil, Italy, South Africa and the United States.

     The score was originally published by Hartelu Publishing Company, New York. It is available on the internet from Steve Weiss Music.

Bolero for Four Percussionists (early version)  Mp36.17MB (Complete)

(recording of premiere performance: Gruppo Percussione Ricerca di Venezia, Foro Italico, Rome, December 12, 1979)


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